Investment Themes

Inflight Capital has an operating DNA and is intimately familiar with the industrials, industrial technologies, and energy spaces

Where we operate tends to be fragmented, creating opportunities for growth through consolidation

Supply chain instability and geopolitical risk is driving a strategic imperative to reshore lost manufacturing capacity

Demand and regulation are influencing the rate of technological advancement and accelerating the adoption curve with our sectors

Our Partnership Approach

We partner with great people who are ready to move their companies to the next level. We believe that for a company to be successful, the leadership must have a clear vision for the business – a ‘destination’. We clarify what the company is trying to accomplish, co-author the growth plan together, and empower the leadership with the resources to achieve their goals.


We are experts at building growth strategies that improves operating leverage using existing infrastructure, prioritizes capital expenditures for operational improvements, and expands front-end efforts through both organic and inorganic initiatives.

We Are
Laser Focused
On Execution.

As former operators, we like to co-author the value creation plan alongside the management team as we progress towards a definitive agreement. This builds alignment, trust, and comradery within the team while ensuring the plan is both easy to understand and wholly executable starting on day one.

We Are

We target a minimum of 3x multiple on invested capital. Our background as operators facilitates our ability to execute to plan, observe, adjust as necessary, and ensure our objectives are secured.